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Atherton Tablelands Attractions
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Cairns Highlands Atherton Tablelands Attractions are breathtaking and beautiful. From the many photographic Waterfalls - Malanda Falls, Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls, Ellinjaa Falls, Mungalli Falls, Dinner Falls & more, Dairy Farms with rolling green hills and dams, Lake Tinaroo Dam, Volcanic Crater Lakes - Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine, Mt Hypipamee Crater, Lookout's - Halloran’s Hill & Millaa Millaa, Lava Tubes and Limestone Caves - Undara National Park & Chillagoe-Mungana National Park, Granite Gorge, Tropical Wetlands, Windy Hill Wind Farm, to Heritage listed Forest with famous ancient rainforest trees. The Millaa Millaa Waterfalls circuit is located on Theresa Road just 1 km east of Millaa Millaa on the Palmerston Highway. The circuit is made up of Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls, and Ellinjaa Falls. Millaa Millaa Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls in Australia. You can swim in the cool waterhole below the falls in the picturesque setting of fern trees and surrounding rainforest. You may even spot turtles or platypus and should certainly see the native bush turkeys on the drive in. Zillie Falls is located just 7.5 kms from Millaa Millaa Falls and a further 3 kms on is Ellinjaa Falls. All Falls are worth the drive although Millaa Millaa is the most popular.

Millaa Millaa Falls Atherton Tablelands

Millaa Millaa falls creek Stairs down to viewing platform at Millaa Millaa Falls

The beautiful drive to the waterfalls circuit through Malanda, Tarzali, and Millaa Millaa entails dairy farms with lush rolling green hills. See the laid back country life below with the dairy cows crossing the road to return to the paddocks after milking. Milking can also be seen at Gallo's Cheese and Chocolate factory along with baby farm animals and cheese making.

Millaa Millaa rolling green hills Millaa Millaa countryside
Millaa Millaa Dairy farm Millaa Millaa Dairy farm twins?
Millaa Millaa Dairy farm back home after milking! Millaa Millaa Dairy farm cows crossing the road

Malanda is home to Dairy Farmers Milk and The Malanda Dairy Centre. The Malanda Falls are situated near the town centre and has a swimming area and rainforest walking tracks.

Malanda Falls Malanda Falls pool
Malanda Falls rainforest walking track nda Falls rainforest

There are many other walking tracks on the Atherton Tablelands in the Heritage listed rainforest and also many famous rainforest trees to see. The Twin Kauri Pines are located at Lake Barrine just 150 metres from the Teahouse on the 5km walking track. These 1000 year old giants give us a glimpse of what the first forests on earth were like. Before the Tablelands were logged there were vast numbers of Kauri trees throughout the rainforest.

Fig Tree boardwalk The famous Curtain Fig Tree

The Curtain Fig Tree is an enormous strangler fig tree over 500 years old and is located in The Curtain Fig National Park just a short drive out of Yungaburra. The aerial roots hanging down resemble curtains and there is a short boardwalk surrounding the tree. The bird songs amongst the tall rainforest giants are a must to be heard!

A closer look at The Curtain Fig Tree

 Curtain Fig Tree Information

The Cathedral Fig Tree is also a gigantic 500 year old strangler fig tree located in the Danbulla State Forest around Lake Tinaroo Dam. It also has a boardwalk. The Gadgarra Giant Red Cedar was unfortunately blown down in cyclone Larry but you can see the stump of the massive tree which is a reminder of the logging timber days and is located off the Gillies highway near Lake Eacham. Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine near Yungaburra are also known as the lakes district. Lake Eacham a volcanic crater lake, is a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists with great BBQ and picnic facilities and crystal clear water. Lake Eacham has a 3km walking track around the lake. Nearby crater lake, Lake Barrine, has a cruise boat trip around the lake to view it's beauty and nature, and a tea house restaurant with a gift shop that overlooks the crater lake and rainforest. Lake Barrine has a 5km walking track around the lake.

Lake Eacham JettyVolcanic Crater Lake Eacham

Magnificent Lake Eacham sunset

Lake Tinaroo Dam is also a huge drawcard for the Atherton Tablelands with such a huge water catchment used for many water sports including Barra fishing, sailing, skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, canoeing, and swimming all year round.

Lake Tinaroo Dam near the dam wall

Lake Tinaroo Dam

Kauri Creek is a beautiful spot for swimming with crystal clear water and a sandy bottom. Located amongst the camping areas in the Danbulla National Park around the Lake. There is also a fantastic walking track with magnificent flora and forna.

Kauri Creek at Lake Tinaroo Dam is a great swimming spot
 Kauri Creek at Lake Tinaroo Dam has a beautiful walking track

Peterson Creek in Yungaburra has a viewing platform especially for Platypus. See the native Platypus at play in their natural habitat. Peterson Creek is located at the bridge entrance to Yungaburra on the road in from Atherton. There is also a 2km walking track with abundant beautiful birdlife along the way. This great platypus photo was taken by our guest Richard in Winter 2011.

See the platypus at Peterson Creek Yungaburra Atherton Tablelands

The Mt Hypipamee Crater and Dinner Falls are located about 30km from Atherton on the Kennedy Highway towards Ravenshoe just past the Barron river. The Mt Hypipamee Crater is a huge diatreme otherwise known as a volcanic pipe. The pipe was opened upward through surface rocks by gas produced from molten rock below and as a result of tremendous pressure, the vent exploded sending volcanic bombs far across the landscape. It is 61 metres in diameter and 82 metres deep. There are walking tracks to both the falls and the crater.

Mt Hypipamee Crater

Dinner Falls are the headwaters of the Barron river. This area is also home to the Golden Bowerbird. Guests that stayed here in 2014 informed us of a nest near the falls.

Dinner Falls near the Mt Hypipamee Crater

Hastie's Swamp in Atherton is home to more than 200 bird species and is located just a few kms out of Atherton. Follow Herberton Road through Atherton past The Chinese Temple and the Mt Baldy walking tracks where you can also see more birds. Then just a few kms on the left is Hastie Road. Just a couple of hundred metres on the right is Hasties Swamp and has a magnificent public bird hide. See pictures below from the bird hide.

Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton TablelandsBird Hide at Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands


Taken from the bird hide at Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands

Taken from the bird hide at Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands

Taken from the bird hide at Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands

A bird lovers paradise and one of my personal Atherton Tablelands must see places. See the list of Hastie's Swamp bird species. See a video of hundreds of whistling ducks at Hasties Swamp on our Facebook Page.

Taken from the bird hide at Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands

Hastie's Swamp National Park Atherton Tablelands

The Bromfield Swamp is located just past the Malanda Falls about 3 km's on Upper Barron Road. The Swamp is a large volcanic crater that has subsided one side to create a swamp. Between the months of July to January, the Sarus Cranes can be spotted each night returning to their nests. There is also a viewing platform handy for taking magnificent photos.


Bromfield SwampBromfield Swamp viewing platform

Bromfield Swamp


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